Welcome to technoclam. 

Back in 2014, I bought a ticket to see Gorgon City do their live set. This incredible, bouncy, dark haired Australian was opening up with a DJ set before they went on. That woman was Anna Lunoe. I remember to this day she closed out with the Nicky Night Time remix of Tiga's "Bugatti" and the place was going absolutely bonkers. Gorgon City then followed up with an equally fantastic show that included their very talented touring vocalist Lulu James.

I reflected back on this and thought to myself "Hmm...why am I not seeing more female DJs? This girl is super talented." It sent me down a rabbit hole of electronic music. Make no mistake; this wasn't my first exposure to it, but it certainly stoked the fire. A move to San Francisco in October of 2015 cemented my passion for the genre.

Fast forward to 2016: experiencing a difficult (to say the least) political climate, and fully immersed in nightlife culture, I kept meeting women who were into electronic music, and seeing female DJs who were truly contributing to unforgettable evenings out. I saw a multitude of world class DJs, female and otherwise - discovered the existence of Discwoman (an all female DJ collective, label, and booking agency out of Brooklyn), happily saw Dirtybird's J.Phlip destroy dancefloors repeatedly, saw Brazilian rising star DJ Anna serve up an aggressively dark, beautifully constructed set, and superstar the Black Madonna be her magical self not once, but twice. 

Women are undoubtedly underrepresented in the dance music scene, but that is not the most interesting thing to address. Instead, this will be a place to showcase them, promote them, and address concerns specific to us.

I hope you'll stay awhile, contribute, and help make it a welcoming community for all of us.