Best Mixes of 2017 - Part I

The accessibility of the internet means treasure troves of long-time legends, undiscovered talent, and international superstars abound on a weekly if not daily basis. The queue builds but there are always standouts that yield repeat listening. Here's the first half - in no particular order.

#1. Rebekah - Movement Detroit 2017, RA Underground Stage

Mood: Brutal, unrelenting techno delivered by one of the best up to the very last track. Certainly one of the standout sets of the festival weekend.

Standout Tracks: Developer, “Hooked In,”, Cadans & Kracht, “Lompret,” Dave Clarke & DJ Rush, “Way of Life.”

#2. Volvox b2b Umfang - Dekmantel x Boiler Room

Mood: Two rising stars from Discwoman going utterly toe to toe with perfect synergy, volleying back and forth from acid to electro to techno and back again. A set so good you'll hope the pair will make a habit of it.

Standout Tracks: Raar, “At Night,” Bloody Mary, “Experience #1,” Ellen Allien, “Astral,” Opus III, “It’s A Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix),” Manix, “Feel Real Good.”

#3. DJ Shiva aka Noncompliant - SlamRadio #251

Mood: Raw, unhinged techno with a massive kick. Indiana based Noncompliant has also seen a number of releases on Argot and Valence this year. SlamRadio has been one of the most consistent delivery vehicles for modern techno on the cutting edge and this set is no exception.

Standout Tracks: Robert Hood, “Thought Process,” Noncompliant, “More Howl More Keening,” Charlotte de Witte, “I’ll See You Tonight.”

#4. Mama Snake - Lobster Theremin Podcast #010

Mood: We initially profiled Mama Snake in our Need to Know series after hearing this wild ride of a mix for the label Lobster Theremin. She shamelessly drops in Blue Monday and gets you to 135bpm with tracks from Momnom Black and her own Ectotherm in the blink of an eye. This one will leave your head spinning in the best way - somehow it all works perfectly. 

Standout Tracks: New Order, “Blue Monday,” Rune Bagge, “Secret Solutions,” Luigi Tozzi, “Quetzalli," Dax J, "Infinite Abyss."

#5. Josey Rebelle's Stone Through A Window Mix - HNYPOT 235

Mood: Honey is always on the tipping point of talent and Rinse FM's (arguably best) selector Josey Rebelle is no exception. Appearances at Brilliant Corners, the Pickle Factory, and Dimensions (plus her first US tour that included Sustain Release and Deviants) are cemented by this quality mix, unbound by genre. 

Standout Tracks: Adesse Versions, “Don’t Stop the Acid,” Actress, “Dancing in the Smoke,” Shanti Celeste, “Thoughts.”

#6. SOLD - Acid Camp, vol 67

Mood: Ethereal steel drum beginnings to sounding and feeling as Chicago house as it gets, straight through to the industrial-edges of Broken English Club and Orphx. Their affiliations with SmartBar, Hugo Ball, Gramaphone, and the Daphne series will come as no surprise with the quality of this mix.

Standout Tracks: Les Gracies, “Pan,” Broken English Club, “Pylon,” Orphx, “Periphery.”

Look out for part two next week.