Mix Series: 008 - Lauren Flax

photo credit: ACHROMAGE

photo credit: ACHROMAGE

Recorded live at our second party of 2017 with New York-based via Chicago & Detroit DJ and producer Lauren Flax. She is half of the band CREEP, an esteemed producer, and in-demand collaborator. Raw, hedonistic house vibes for days with serious technique that kept our dancefloor locked in until the very end - it was a genuine pleasure to have her on the decks for us.

No tracklist for this one, but we will tell you it does feature Gina Breeze and Elisa Bee, along with her own work and a deep cut or two from Vin Sol. Her latest EP “U Know” is out now on Nervous Records.

Check out the aftermovie here.

RA: Lauren Flax