Girl Power In Detroit: Part 2

House. Techno. Deep House. Industrial. Vinyl. Live. From Brooklyn to a Detroit native, to across the pond in the UK - we’re back with three more accomplished women that promise to seriously impress at this year’s Movement Detroit festival. 


Octo Octa is a real triple threat: DJ. Producer. Advocate. In an age when queer people have been pushed to the side of the scene in many ways, Maya Bouldry-Morrison a.k.a. “Octo Octa” has made it return to its roots. Her latest album, signed to Honey Soundsystem’s label, “Where Are We Going?” is as top-notch. 

Equally as impressive are her DJ sets which somehow successfully bridge the gap between classic house sounds (a la Kerri Chandler or John Tejada) to more modern selections (such as Waze & Odyssey). She’s even offered the remix treatment to tracks from Jacques Renault and The Juan Maclean. Further bolstered by tracks on 100% Silk and Gerd Janson’s Running Back label, she’s one not to miss. Her set recorded live in New York for the Honcho podcast is listed here.


Residencies. Label head. A globe-trotting list of gigs. It would be difficult to find a more legitimate and hardworking DJ than Detroit’s own DJ Minx. Her label and collective, Women on Wax, is celebrating its 16th year, and has served as a platform for showcasing female talent as curated by her.

She serves up her particular brand of deep house and techno every Tuesday on Queen Beats. When she’s not at home in Detroit, she’s spun for legendary parties like Hot Mass, the Bunker, Honey Soundsystem, and at Panorama Bar. Select any of her Queen Beats for a look into what to expect from DJ Minx, or her latest episode for Deep Space Radio, which is our selection. 



Shot into stardom by a remix for Matador (“Blond Slackers”) in 2011, the Birmingham native was soon signed to Chris Liebing’s CLR label. The track found support with Alan Fitzpatrick, Tommy Four Seven, and Perc, which would make any techno fan take notice. Initially she impressed as a DJ, respectably alongside Kevin Saunderson, Ellen Allien, Loco Dice, and Ricardo Villalobos. This naturally evolved into her own solo productions and into a live/DJ set hybrid which she will present at Movement. 

The serious techno lover is sure to be impressed by her robust, industrial sounds. Additionally . Her debut album of original material is out this April on Slam’s Soma Records. We’ve gotten a taste of her new live set through a few video clips and can’t wait to see what this dynamic talent has up her sleeve for Detroit. Take a listen to her set from Elements Rotterdam to see what you might expect.