So many options at your fingertips this weekend - from house to techno to modular synths and ambient sounds. Let's explore the options. 

5/4 - the Janus Sequence - Public Works (Loft)

The Janus Sequence is a three-day long festival at varying locations with multiple artists, coinciding with a label launch . Our pick is the Thursday night event with Auscultation, Maria Minerva, David Last, Piano Rain, Russell E.L. Butler, Ash Williams, and Sky Madden. Lots of interesting and more left-field sounds here to explore. The Friday night event for the label debut and finale event in Oakland are also worth checking out. 

5/5 - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Gray Area Art + Technology

Gray Area continues to host compelling artists and content, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is no exception. Fans of live electronica are sure to enjoy this show. Warm synths and ultra dreamy compositions are hallmarks of Smith’s sound. 

5/5 - Paul Johnson & Youandewan - F8

Brouhaha is continuing to bring some impressively interesting acts to the city. This week, Chicago’s Paul Johnson (Defected, Relief/Cajual, Dancemania) brings his definitive Chicago house sound. Joining him is Youandewan, of Aus Music. While his solo productions have a more minimal and lo-fi warmth to them, his selections out add a bit more energy and groove.

5/6 - Louisahhh! & Elz - Halcyon

Playful punk meets a harder-edged industrial techno aesthetic for a sound that is uniquely hers. Initially signed to Brodinski’s Bromance label, the Paris-based Louisahhhh! has recently been enjoying success on her own fledgling label, RAAR. She’s also enjoyed a BBC Radio 1 residency, bookings on Holy Ship, Igloofest Montreal, and even her own label night at Fabric (with signees Dave Clarke and Maelstrom.) Opening for Louisahhh! is the Kazbah’s Elz (check out her recent set at the SXM Festival in St. Maarten here.)

5/6 - Bwana & Dauwd - Monarch

Breakthrough artist Bwana has transcended genres through his start in Toronto, successfully going from post dubstep sounds to his present sound which leans to more progressive and house. You might have noticed his releases on Aus Music, Cin CIn and 17 Steps, or his remixes for Dusky, Avalon Emerson, and Patrice Baumel. The well-matched Dauwd (Technicolor, Kompakt. Ghostly International) is on opening honors along with Lights Down Low resident DJs Richie Panic and Corey Sizemore. 

5/7 - How Weird Street Faire - "Summer of Weird"

An annual favorite event in San Francisco, the street fair promises wild costumes, art, multiple music stages, circus performers, many local DJs and much more. There are three entrances this year (Howard & 1st, Mission & 2nd, Howard & New Montgomery St) and is from 12pm to 8pm.

For a more comprehensive guide to upcoming dance music events, we recommend this calendar. Have we missed an event? Have something coming up we should know about? Corrections? Email us for consideration at info@technoclam.com.