New Releases: Nost - Ellen Allien

“Nost” sees the head of Bpitch Control returning with a her first full album since 2013. Full of richly textured soundscapes and tracks with a big kick that remain dancefloor friendly, It remains true to her minimal techno roots. As with previous releases (the ambient album LISm, 2010’s “Dust,”  2008’s “SooL,” etc), occasional vocals by Allien make their presence known with a brooding and ghostly quality. It makes the album feel like returning home, while still being contemporary techno. 

In an era where EPs are prized over full albums, it manages to remain relatively cohesive. Going from the robust and aggressive “Jack My Ass,”  to the expected melodic minimalism of “Electric Eye” and “Physical,” to the spacey and crackly late-night-feelsof the closing track “Erdmond.” The first single released, “Stormy Memories” opens up with lavish synths and builds into an accessible acid bassline. “Call Me” brings a carnal and sensual vocal sample with a hammering kick.

Allien’s background as both a producer and long-time DJ means not only the tracks are largely well-crafted but also DJ friendly as well. “Nost” is an excellent effort sure to please both old fans and new. 

Nost is out May 12th on Bpitch Control and is available for preorder now.