Need To Know: Bergsonist, Black Girl/White Girl, Just Her

Editor's note: Welcome to our new series - maybe they’re new or unsigned but on the rise, or they’re an unsung hero who’s been at it awhile, or are big in Europe but haven’t quite found a foothold in the US yet. We’re spotlighting female artists and female dominated crews that should be on your radar. 



Moroccan-born and Brooklyn-based, the slightly mysterious Bergsonist has had a steady rise of releasing industrial and experimentally-tinged techno. Her style remains full of analog warmth and melody and has appeared on labels such as Always Human Tapes, Low Income Squad, and Mélodies Souterraines. Further examples of the enigmatic producer's varied style came with her mixes for The Lot, NTS Radio, and Inverted Audio.


Notable releases:

  • "Split" Ep (with Isabella) - Börft Records, 2016
  • "Colonial Revolution" - Discwoman x Allergy Season Compilation, 2017


This pair from Amsterdam and Tel Aviv are on the rise, pushing out techno influenced house music with big kicks and crisp production and funky samples. They've seen support from major acts like Claude VonStroke, Jamie Jones, Sidney Charles, Treasure Fingers, and most recently with a remix treatment from Secondcity and another from VONDA7. 

Notable releases:

  • "Tales of Light" EP - Resonance Records, 2017
  • "Unjacked" EP - Lauter Unfug, 2017
  • "Closure," - Roush - 2017
  • "Don't Believe The Hype" - Guesthouse Music, 2016




Constant Circles labelhead, partner in the duo Him_Self_Her, radio show host, Just Her is a multitalented producer and DJ as well. Her melodic and emotive techno has been well received beyond her own label based in London - Crosstown Rebels, Einmuska, Stil Vor Talent, and Suara have all taken notice as well. Her electronica and trip hop influences add something a little deeper and more unique to a crowded field of house and techno producers.

An impressive list of producers - Ryan Murgatroyd, Kieran Fowkes, Oliver Schories, Dubspeeka, and Raxon - have all collaborated or offered the remix treatment to her tracks. 

Just Her soundcloud • Constant Circles soundcloud