15 Questions with Kudeki


Resident DJ Kudeki is our co-promoter extraordinaire and party animal-in-chief. Her rapidly-evolving taste and dedication to organization effortlessly leveled up the brand from a source of party recommendations to a well-oiled machine of a party. Mo's technical expertise and calm nature from the start of soundcheck to the end of an event has been integral to its success. Her standard response to even the craziest idea is "Yes. Let's make it happen." Mo began DJing in 2013, playing a diverse series of gigs that have spanned undergrounds, Burning Man, and sharing the stage with artists like A Guy Called Gerald, Lauren Flax, and more. She will be releasing an EP on Perfect Location Records in 2018. We asked her a few rapid-fire questions.  


1. What DJing skill have you mastered? What do you think you still have to master?

I think I’m good at letting intuition take over and just going with the flow of a set. There’s so much still to master — on the technical side I’d like to get better at more dramatic transitions. Most of my mixes are quite slow and gradual right now but if you have the confidence and timing to pull off a quick big switchup it can be so powerful and surprising to the dancefloor. 


2. What’s the most rewarding thing about DJing?

Definitely the co-creation of a vibe and set in the moment with an open-minded and engaged dancefloor. The magic of being along for the ride with everyone and totally in the zone makes everything worth it.

3. Top three favorite labels?

This changes so frequently right now but lately I’ve been really into Fleisch, Klasse Recordings, and Interdimensional Transmissions.

4. What is your pre-gig ritual?

I try to wrap up preparing my set & packing my bag for the show as early as possible, ideally the previous day but at least several hours before I have to be anywhere. Then I try to chill out and be by myself at home, caffeinate, pick out an outfit, do my makeup, and get to the show on time. Once I met a big group for dinner before a show and I was just a stress basket, so alone time is best for me.

5. What musical trend or fad do you hope comes back?

I have a soft spot for italo but maybe that already is back…

6. What was the first record you purchased? 

Genesis Vol. 1 which the first release off of Paraíso, which I bought it online last June. I’d been keeping a playlist called “VINYL ONLY :(“ on Soundcloud and eventually reached a tipping point of that list expanding, hanging out in record stores, and needing a new technical challenge with DJing where I was like ok, it’s time for me to start on this vinyl thing.

7. What’s your next purchase?

I really want that record you showed me actually — FJAAK x Missing Channel (Robert Hood & Claude Young) — but since I haven’t ordered it yet my next purchase will probably just be whenever I set foot in a record store and finding something randomly.

8. What’s the best compliment you’ve received as a DJ or promoter?

I think the best compliment as a DJ and even a promoter is “I was just meaning to stop by but then I ended up staying the whole night.” We all have those moments when you KNOW you need to leave the club but the DJ is so good you are just glued to the dancefloor.

9. What is your musical guilty pleasure?


Isn’t this just all the music from your past that you wouldn’t choose now but has its emotional hooks in you? So like all the pop from the 90s that I used to tape off the radio (recently made a whole playlist of this), jpop and trance from the mid 00s, trap from 2012, tech house from 2014, etc. It’s hard for me to keep track what cool things became uncool and whether they’re cool again or not, but once I really fall in love with a particular track I usually love it forever, even if I totally abandon the genre.

10. What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received? 

I think US culture and especially the bay area is really messed up around the idea of following your passions and promises that if you just love something enough you will find a way to make a startup about it and get rich (???). I think most people want to do meaningful work and it’s important to not be totally miserable at your job, but not everyone can find something that pays the bill AND is fulfilling, and that’s ok (at least until we overthrow capitalism).

11. What’s the best piece of advice you could give [to other women] about DJing/the music industry?

Your music scene friends are so important because they are also your collaborators and you will help each others’ careers grow. So work with/befriend lots of different people to see who’s a fit, and definitely warn other women who is a sexist asshole, who doesn’t pay their DJs, etc. 

12. What are the most exciting things coming up for you?


Definitely our next few Technoclam parties, in particular the collab with As You Like it since hosting the loft during a full space party is new for us and the lineup is so stacked. I’m also wrapping up work on my first EP which is to come out on Experimental Housewife’s Perfect Location label. Getting a first release out has intimidated me for so long!!

13. Dream collaboration?


14. What do you hate? 

Board game nights, birthday dinners, team building exercises, bars (weird given how much time I spend in nightclubs, but everyone is yelling at each other and the music is inaudible and probably bad anyway), people who say that all music taste is subjective, in order to justify their terrible taste, men breezing past body or verbal language that is actively rejecting them...

15. What are you going to do after answering these?

It’s Friday night and people are already over DJing at my house so I’m going to join in on that and eventually we will go out somewhere :)