Mix Series: 013 - Talien


Talien is our guest artist for the 13th episode of our mix series. This dynamic set channels a sophisticated and emotionally raw selection of techno and electro from artists like Mor Elian, Delta Funktionen, Blawan, Answer Code Request, and Aphex Twin. It has a range of representative sounds that go beyond the typical 4/4 structure.

Los Angeles-based Talien is a member of the Xenophile Collective, along with being a long-time participant and now mentor of Chicago's Walking and Falling. She seeks, in her own words, "to provide women and nonbinary DJs with an alternate route for exposure, visibility and community." Additionally, she curates Walking and Falling's mix series, further breaking down the barriers of entry to female-identified and non-binary dance music artists.

Talien on Soundcloud | Talien on RA | Walking and Falling on Soundcloud