Mix Series: 014 - Christina T


Christina T is a San Francisco-based DJ by way of Greece and is the guest for our 14th episode. She leads a monthly deep house and techno event at Asiento SF (Deep Sea). She curates with the intention to bring together a community of upcoming local DJs. Her classical music training - Christina was trained as a pianist from childhood and she harbors a special affinity for compositions that mix fast and slow tempos and light and dark melodies in a harmonic way.  

Her mix delivers an hour and fifteen minutes of percussive rhythms and silky vocals from a diverse selection of artists including Olga Kouklaki, Onyvaa, Nicole Moudaber, Bwana, Gabriel Ananda, Laurel Halo, Mano Le Tough, Magda, Anja Zaube, Matthias Meyer, and Burial. This mix moves between techno, tech house, electro and electronica/downtempo melodies. 

Christina T on Soundcloud | Christina T on Facebook | Deep Sea on Facebook