Mix Series: 016 - ‡Starving Poet§

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‡Starving Poet§ is the production alias of Rose Knapp, a Los-Angeles based poetess and musician. Born in Minneapolis and recently transplanted to Los Angeles, she is a poet and producer with multiple upcoming releases on Natural Sciences (Manchester), and Great Circles (Philadelphia). She counts Nina Kraviz, Grimes, and Elysia Crampton as influences. Of this mix, she says "[I attempted to]...draw upon several notions seen in  high Romanticist idealism, contrasting unabashed ‘authenticity’ within irony its’  self, ‘clarity,’ ‘Plotlines’ and glancing  a cold shoulder at whitewashed linearity, while acknowledging Socratic Post-modernist irony still dominates most academies & artistic happenings."

The mix begins with The Chemical Brother's "Don't Think," crafting a sample derived from Black Swan, and also includes productions from artists like Stanislav Tolkachev, Fatima al Qadiri, Avalon Emerson, breakout star JASSS, Helena Hauff, and Aïsha Devi - along with some of her own material, some of it forthcoming. ‡Starving Poet§ describes her view of dance music as "...By far the most fascinating area of music because it fluidly enmeshes cultural fabrics in ways that most lyrically oriented genres can’t."

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