Mix Series: 019 - SONJA


Closing out 2018 for our mix series is Portugal-based DJ, producer, and label owner SONJA.

Inspired by an exploratory sabbatical away from Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon and a reconnection with her past, it explores sludgier electro, industrial rhythms, and psychedelic techno from artists like Alienata, Parrish Smith, E-Saggila, Miss Djax, a Hieroglyphic Being alias, and Vapourspace, plus a number of own tracks featured on her own label, Labareda. The independent label is focused on Portugal-based female and non-binary identified artists and has seen a number of releases from artists like BLEID, Iris, Anabela Duarte, Clothilde, EMAUZ, Joanna Jago, and many more (some of whom are featured in the tracklist).

Outside her own DJing and label management, she has an upcoming schedule that includes curating nights in Porto, doing graphic design and artwork for not only her own projects and subsequent releases, but for On Board Music, and also holds a residency at Radio Quântica.

Forging a path for the label and herself means inspiration and admiration for a few others - she counts Brutaz, Objects Limited, Contort Yourself, Veronica Vasicka, Marie Davidson, Nina Kraviz among them. The Radio Quântica residency affords her “a cool playground and works as a super tool to invite and meet people and just explore all kinds of music.” Summed up in her own words:

“I love exploratory people. Sonic defiance…I feel this tremendous awe for everyone that keeps on doing their thing with zero recognition. In the past 2 years women, non binary, queer, trans people took over the clubbing and the musical scene. Isn't it beautiful how the white boy cisdom boredom is just being overthrown. Such joy! INSPIRING AS FUCK.”