Mix Series: 020 - wʍwood


Breaking into 2019 is our first episode with Bay Area based wʍwood. She is an upcoming DJ, producer, and co-host of Acid Nothing on SutroFM on the 1st, 3rd, and occasionally 5th Thursday of each month. The show is eclectic and ranges from narcotic techno to ambient and darkwave - she characterizes it as “a particular vibe that is curious and moody and tunes into some tones that are uniquely expressed in the radio format.” Having played classical and jazz piano for over ten years, she’s recently stepped into producing her own music and developing a home studio and playing vinyl.

“The most rewarding part about DJing is that it is a way of fully immersing myself in the music that I love. As a dancefloor denizen, I’ve found that the best DJ sets have a way of moving energy through my body and creating space for intuitively processing parts of my experience that are inaccessible to my brain. I aspire to create that sort of experience for others. The act of mixing itself is very therapeutic for me…it gives me the opportunity to highlight tracks and moments within them that take my breath away.” 

As an aside, she is a long-time supporter and friend of us here at Noctuary, and calls Juana’s set “one of the best I’ve experienced [last] year,” along with Courtesy, Josey Rebelle, and frequent Noctuary guest Lily Ackerman as her inspirations.

The mix explores leftfield techno and bass music with cuts from Batu, Russell E.L. Butler, Carla dal Forno, Umfang, Andrea, Ciel, Black Merlin, Talaboman, Helena Hauff, Beta Librae, and Blush Response among others. She says of the mix in her own words:

“Music is a highly emotional experience for me…The mix is a journey through various emotive states: brooding, alien and at times terrifying, at times frenzied and relentless, with pockets of bliss and celebration. The last track by Ciel feels to me like the moment on the dancefloor when the sun peaks through and you notice you’ve danced away everything you were holding.”