Mix Series: 021 - LDY OSC


LDY OSC is a Vienna-based producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to producing techno under the moniker LDY OSC, she also is a part of the band Artefactos de Dolor (Helic.al Records), and is currently part of a collaboration that includes the theatrical and street art performance group Ritual Maya of Tulum, and Grant Aaron (Mysteries of the Deep) - the project combines ambient music and Mayan chanting. Her latest release is an EP with the Bunker - Magic² of 8, with more upcoming on other labels in the summer and fall of 2019.

Aside from her production work with ambient and techno sounds, LDY OSC explores a variety of instruments including guitar, wind instruments, and of course, her own voice. Her primary interest outside of producing her own music is vintage synthesizer repair, and she holds a BFA in Music and Sound Engineering.

The mix delves into ambient and experimental music, powered by primarily female-identified and queer artists. It features some of her own work under various aliases, along with material from Grand River, Lena Willikens, fellow Bunker alums Clay Wilson & rrao, JASSS, and many more.

Inspired by labels and artists like Liaisons Dangereuses, Pan Sonic, Biosphere, Kontra Musik, Sähkö Recordings, she says this of her collective experiences as a producer and live performer:

“It's the confirmation that you are able to get into people’s souls with your music and move them. I know I get like that with a lot of music that inspires me. You get taken back, you wonder “How the fuck is this even possible?!”

I love that feeling, that's why I keep doing it. As for performing live it's about connecting immediately with the crowd. I prefer to be able to get inside of the crowd rather than on the stage…the best thing for me has been to not care what is changing and to just stay true to what I enjoy at that moment. I've been in a rock-n-roll/punk band, synth-pop band, produced minimal in 2008, played house music in 2009, been a sound engineer on all kinds of projects. It's about not trying to prove anything other than enjoying what you’re doing at that moment.”

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