Mix Series: 022- Lorelei


Lorelei is an Atlanta-based DJ and musician. Spending her formative musical years in Detroit and Ann Arbor, she hosted a freeform radio show on 88.3 WCBN-FM, playing primarily avant garde and jazz. She also spent time as the president of the Michigan Electronic Music Collective, organizing events, production workshops, and counted increased representation of women and non-binary membership in the collective. On the move since her return to Atlanta, she still considers her Midwest influences strong - counting among them Erika, Patrick Russell, Eris Drew, and Ectomorph, along with the similarities of electronic music and sci fi.

“For me, winter is about slowing down. I’ve taken that quite literally in my approach to DJing and making music. Maybe I’m just growing up as an artist and starting to realize that I’d rather approach music at a slow and steady pace and appreciate the learning process of sound and synthesis exploration. Some people find their niche instantly (I envy that), but my music has changed a lot since I first started (when I was 17!) I’ve always been curious about different styles of music and the history and derivatives of those styles. I constantly feel like I still have so much to learn…”

This mix is a wintry and introspective slow-down of dubby, IDM, and ambient techno, featuring tracks from Caterina Barbieri, AOS, Mor Elian, Aleksi Perala, Iori, and Or:la, and from labels like Mysteries of the Deep, Novamute, Spazio Disponibile, I/Y, and Amenthia. She says of her inspirations:

“[Dance music]…is inherently political and revolutionary… anyone who thinks otherwise needs a history lesson…Meeting people who love this music and who seek an alternative to traditional nightlife - freaks n weirdos unite!”

Lorelei on Soundcloud