Mix Series: 025 - OmNa


OmNa is the moniker for Greek-born, San Francisco-based DJ. She is a resident and co-founder of the monthly events Alibi Works and Deep Sea. Deep Sea aims to connect both those new to DJing and others who are regular fixtures in San Francisco. Alibi Works seeks to curate a space for an audiovisual experience from local visual artists and primarily melodic techno DJs.

“I was inspired by female and nonbinary artists who experiment with genre-pushing sounds….by local artists like Lily Ackerman and Kudeki. I am also inspired by Greek artists mixing electronic sounds with traditional ones such as Lena Platonos.  Dark Entries and Perfect Location Records are the labels that inspire me the most these days. Seeing people smiling, dreaming and dancing at the same time. Connecting with new people through music.”

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