Mix Series: 026 - kels


Kels is a DJ, event producer, teacher, and dancer in Detroit. There, she hosts Maneater, an event and mix series which has featured artists like Russell E.L. Butler, Turtle Bugg, Lina Thrash, Salar Ansari, Chantz, and more. It seeks to bring voice and opportunity to marginalized voices in dance music.

Her inspirations include Detroit acts like DJ Minx and Erika, and one of our own previous guests - Lorelei. She bought her first set of turntables over three years ago after being inspired by Jane Fitz:

Regardless of the empty club, the energy and passion she gave off was electric. She was so into everything she was playing, dancing with her friend behind the booth, and fanning herself with her records. She jumped around genres which kept me interested and on my toes begging for more. Seeing someone of your nature doing something I had longed to do really hit home with me that night, and a week later I bought a pair of turntables.

The mix is a hazy, downtempo collection of ambient, glitch, and more melodic house, featuring artists like D. Tiffany, Object Blue, Ryoji Ikeda, Dasha Rush, and Fana.

I recently went on a non dance-music vacation where I listened to a lot of hypnotic spa and beyond/below mixes that really inspired me. I pulled a few tracks that I heard in these mixes that really elevated me…. I was also thinking about a gig I had coming up in Pittsburgh called Tea Time. Tea Time is hosted by Ari (Dermatone) with gfx out of Pittsburgh and it is centered around a sober environment in a garden where they serve tea. DJing is [about] watching the dancers be vulnerable and communicate a story with their bodies to the soundtrack of your choice. It is not something that I take lightly and I appreciate everyone I get to share those types of moments with. I love meeting new people in the dance that I wouldn’t normally run into in my day to day life. I have created some of my most important relationships this way. I put all of these memories in my pocket and carry them with me to get through the mundane parts of my life.

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