Mix Series: 027 - Day Thief


Day Thief is a San Francisco-based DJ and resident of Airtight. If you’ve spent any quantity of time on quality dancefloors in San Francisco, you’ve no doubt also shared it with her. She is a co-founder and resident with her partner and several friends for the collective Airtight, which she describes as:

“A very occasional, very weird party called Airtight. We think that it's San Francisco's finest (and only) techno fight club and fetish night for girls who like girls .”

Aside from her own party, you may have seen her on lineups for Kosmetik at the Stud, a recent wildly impressive peak time slot at Gays Hate Techno, along with being on support for artists like Claire Morgan and Saoirse - with more to come.

The mix combines bass-heavy broken beats, deep, heady techno, and groovy electro from artists like Siren’s Jay, Konduku, Margaret Dygas, Gayphextwin, Overmono, Peter Van Hoesen, and Donato Dozzy.

She says of her inspirations in San Francisco and of this mix:

“An alternate universe where Berlin and London are a conjoined super city located in Northern California and this is what "dub techno" sounds like…when very disparate sounds come together in a way that feels like they belonged together all along.  All the people and collectives who have contributed so much energy to keeping the Bay Area full of deep weird music and fun parties despite the fact everything joyful is slowing being pushed out. All the queer and trans people who are making techno sound like the future instead of the past again.”

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