Mix Series: 028 - Loose Conditions


Loose Conditions is the Oakland-based duo consisting of marr0w and Gadder. The duo also produces events as Loose Conditions, a monthly event at Brix 581 that welcomes a variety of club-oriented sounds from Bay Area-based artists to let loose. The event started as a one off at the Elbo Room and is now about to celebrate their one year anniversary

Separately, marr0w has begun producing music as well as DJing under her own name. Gadder is a resident for the drag rave Club Shevil where they explore techno, house, juke, and footwork inspired sets.

Of their collaboration and party:

“Our mixing is a meditation involving sensitivity and permissioning. We have a vague idea of what sounds the other might play, but it is usually a surprise. It’s an amazing experience in that it is truly responsive. Our b2b process involves being fully present, hyper-reactive, and a release from expectations. You have to be ready for anything. It’s probably hard for the listener to decipher, but we can always note the moments where we were teasing or permissioning each other to go down the rabbit hole into a weird abyss. We are grateful to be a part of the East Bay music community and create a space that gives local talent the main stage.”

Of their inspirations and rewards:

marr0w: “ I started DJing in order to learn how to play -- not to play music, but to engage fully in an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious or practical purpose…I started about a year ago when I realized the imbalance in my life. I’ve learned self compassion, patience, and returned to childlike play. Nothing is so serious. But I seriously love it. 

Gadder: “There's a kind of magic to dance music where everyone - the crowd, organizers, djs, producers, etc - plays a role towards these collective experiences that if done right, create a space for joy for its own sake. DJing has helped me to not only engage more deeply with music but to really take part in the magic of it all. DJing with Marisa has been especially impactful - we're always pushing each other in new directions and it's cool to see how our sound has grown together while every set is really a new adventure full of risks and surprises.”

The mix itself is a collection of future forward and club-oriented sounds that defy genre, but define the pair’s direction and taste, and features artists like Bergsonist, Bruce, Amazondotcom, Repro, and Ana Helder.

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