Mix Series: 029 - plast1c1ty


Plast1c1ty is a Bay Area based DJ and producer. Their current projects include being part of the Lone Boat collective, and an EP slated for release in late summer. The collective consists of a variety of artists from the Bay Area who lead other lives as professionals in a variety of other fields including medicine, brewing, anthropology - and in the case of themselves, psychology. The mix itself was created after their return from Movement weekend. Significantly influenced by the atmosphere, the parties, and the historical context of the city - the synergy with the music and people for No Way Back and The Bunker was especially memorable for them.

“…[I believe in] pursuing all the things that bring a sense of purpose to life, even if they might feel antithetical or unrelated. For example, I think the arts and sciences can be perceived as diametrically opposed, but I think there are different ways to think about their relationship that integrates and accentuates their similarities as well as their ability to enhance one another. I'm coming from a place of wanting to encourage non-binary, oppositional modes of thinking that emphasize the positive synergy of concepts and ideas that might lead us to a more dynamically inclusive way of understanding the world and each other, whether that's in the arena of professional discipline or personal identity. This concept of interconnectedness and interrelatedness is something that's very important to me.

On their musical inspirations:

Recently I'm really loving what Eris Drew and Octo Octa are doing, they just announced a new label, T4T LUV NRG, that I'm excited to follow. They've inspired me to be more open with myself and my genderqueer identity, and to care more about being genuine and sincere with myself before anyone else. Octo Octa was really kind when I met her one night in San Francisco at Public Works; although, I probably came across as a starstruck wreck. I'm also following Céad, a label run by Irish artist Or:la who had their first release earlier this year. The stuff she curates feels alive to me in a unique way and I vibe with it. Lastly, Courtesy's spoken publicly about mental health in a candid way that feels validating, real, and relatable. Nina Kraviz and Mama Snake too! They're both doctors and artists, which feels rather parallel to my experience and aspirations in psychology and music.

Plast1c1ty is a native of the Bay Area, and grew up in the small town of Pittsburg, among a musical family that loved karaoke and piano - its hydroelectric power plant provided early comparisons to manufactured sounds and those more natural. In the present day, they enjoy connecting songs into a meaningful and mindful narrative, presenting a chance to check in with themselves and the people they play for - grounding them to a sense of reality.

The mix itself features a diverse selections of sounds that include Paula Temple, Anetha, Rroxymore, Rebekah, Karen Gwyer and many more.

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