Mix Series: 030 - Acid Daddy


Acid Daddy is the moniker of Detroit-born, Chicago based DJ, producer, and label owner Jarvi. Along with the recent launch of their label Identity Spectrum Records, they’re also part of Chicago’s Naughty Bad Fun Collective, and Walking and Falling (a DJ workshop and mentorship program geared towards female-identifying and non-binary artists).

Their most recent project is founding the label Identity Spectrum Records, which has seen its first release with more upcoming, along with an accompanying zine.

Deeply influenced by the Midwest rave scene, they grew up in Detroit, attended DEMF and Taste Fest, and their father helped to introduce them to dance music at a young age.

I am inspired by my friends, near and far, new and old, rave friends, life friends, and the combination of of each and every one. I want the world to hear my friends, their music, and their stories. The label was created to do just that and to leave an imprint of these wonderful and inspiring creative beings.

The most rewarding part about DJing has been connecting to other survivors, queers, trans folk, and freaks. The loneliness I felt living a life that was not for me has evolved into many moments of love and confidence since finding my rave family - I play every gig like it's my last now, because I never know when that day will come.

The history of raving in the midwest is resilient and powerful, and connecting with ravers from all generations is why i love this scene the most.

The mix was recorded live for Support System, a collective of friends who specialized in creating immersive, long-form raves in a Chicago loft space. It features artists like D Tiffany, Octo Octa, Pangaea, Djrum, Reptant, Flora FM, Scan 7, and DMX Krew. Of the event they say:

“They reignited my love for Chicago's rave scene after feeling very disconnected and fearful that the future of events here would remain in the hands of gatekeeping clubs and high priced, exclusive undergrounds catering to normies who are the very reason queer, trans, and QTPOC folks have to create spaces for us to remain safe, seen, and heard. no one wants to be the cis-het white man's golden ticket, and when you look at the majority of promotors/club owners in dance music here, there are very few examples of anything but. Support System not only created a space for all of us, they created a feeling - a true passion for the vision, the hope, and the healing power of the rave. Being able to look out into the room full of queer, trans, and QTPOC and our allies dancing fills me with a love that I only experience in those unique and beautiful spaces. This set is the result of the energy created in that room, where I felt like the dancers helped me choose each record during this sonic transmission.”

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