Mix Series: 031 - Tabasheer


Tabasheer is a Pittsburgh-based DJ who you may have heard at parties like Detroit’s Club Toilet, or Rochester’s Sole Rehab - in addition to being a rising star at Hot Mass and gFx in Pittsburgh.

“The collective sound of Pittsburgh is a source of inspiration. So many good DJs, each doing their thing and finessing it. It’s like this thing about how DJing is a feeling or something? I feel like a lot of Pittsburgh/Midwest DJs have that thing of ‘I’m doing what I feel and feeling what I do,’ so it works, and then you feel it too. It’s real. And let’s not forget about the music coming out of here. Crazy sick stuff, I’d start mentioning names but that would be too long of a list (I will say that recent Vanity Press Davis Galvin EP is fire though). The In Training crew is always a source of inspiration, always. Sets I’ve experienced recently that have irreversibly altered my brain: CCL at Hot Mass, I will always have a reserve of inspo and nice feelings from that set. Russell E.L. Butler at Mesh, what I experienced was artistry. It was really fun but subtly also really deep. Flora FM at Hot Mass, damn. Seeing Flora play is as fun as hearing Flora play is as fun as being in the room while Flora plays, the energy is palpable. Adventurous, dreamy, cheeky. I’m also a big fan of Flora FM’s music.”

The mix is full of energetic house and breakbeats with jungle putting it into overdrive. It was recorded after an inspiring weekend surrounded by nature, animals, and friends playing music at Smangtasia - and features tracks by Claude Young, Bergsonist, Paradox, Toma Kami, Davis Galvin, Ziur, Roza Terenzi, and Ambien Baby.

Tabasheer on Soundcloud